Dr. Ellen Buchbinder, MD, Diplomate in Allergy and Immunology
Dr. Ellen Buchbinder, MD, Diplomate in Allergy and Immunology


My patients call me a detective. Indeed, in order to determine the most effective treatment plan, one must first discover which allergens are responsible for the patient's discomfort. We are at a very hopeful time for new discovery and application of recent research in Allergy and Immunology that will help us better understand the mechanisms of allergic disease and thus help to treat our patients successfully.

Dr. Buchbinder uses all the most up-to-date scientific tools and techniques to aid in the diagnosis of allergy and the detection of contributing allergic factors.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Buchbinder will discuss in-depth with each new patient the nature of his or her allergy-related symptoms. She will then determine what type of testing is appropriate.

Once the results of the consultation and testing are analyzed, she will then synthesize the best treatment plan for each individual's unique allergic condition.

A few of the techniques that Dr. Buchbinder utilizes include: